Newsletter – November 13th


More streaming/publishing news for you all this week as well as some events for the weekend!

Have a lucky weekend everyone!

Music News

1. YouTube launches a subscription service… and the industry is not impressed.


YouTube recently announced it would be rolling out its new audio-video subscription service YouTube Red, which will exist alongside its freemium tier that we all know and love. With the number of streaming services growing every year, its not surprising that YouTube is throwing its hat in the ring. However, the music industry isn’t exactly jumping for joy. Rights holders have long been uncomfortable with YouTube underwhelming copyright exploitation. One CEO of a digital distributor, in relation to proper copyright exploitation, described YouTube as “borderline criminal”. Google says its service is part of its initiative to build “better business models to drive higher engagement and revenue”. Only time will tell if thats true.

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2. Does Adele need streaming?

With the forthcoming release of her first studio album in four years, Adele has people wondering whether she will perform quite as spectacular as her last album,  21. 21 is renowned for having sold 30 million copies worldwide in a time when music sales had begun to plummet. Four years later,  music sales revenue has dropped by a quarter since her last release and the market has grown ever more saturated with streaming as a source of music consumption. Adele, a strong “album artist”, seems to move people to actually purchase music, but will that hold true today is it did four years ago? When compared with another strong “album artist” such as T-Swift, who is notoriously anti-streaming, Adele’s audience is older and more spread out. This may actually better her chances to maintain her reputation as an artist who convinces consumers to buy music


As the chart references, the two audiences (those who only stream and those who only buy) are surprisingly distinct. This, coupled with Adele’s audience demographics may mean that her listeners are somewhere in that 27%. And that’s what might enable her to perform as well as four years ago. However, with the numerous changes to the music industry since then, even if she does exceedingly well, it’ll be difficult to repeat the success of 21.

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3. Pandora and Sony/ATV shake hands mostly as a contingency.

Two of the most unlikely bedfellows, Pandora and Sony/ATV have entered into an agreement in which each party gets exactly what they want. Sony/ATV gets the higher royalty rates that it, and every other publisher in the industry, has been begging for while Pandora gets rate certainty, which is especially important in the face of the oncoming decision by the Copyright Royalty Board at the end of the year which will set rates to an unknown amount until 2020. In this way Pandora assures that it will know its rate with, at the very least, the largest publisher in the world. Essentially, Pandora is hedging against the possibility that publishers will be able to nix the PRO’s (Performance Rights Organizations like ASCAP and BMI that control the compulsory royalty rate) non-exclusive control over their performance rights (plays on Pandora fall in this category) and negotiate directly with digital services like Pandora. If the PRO’s don’t provide the non-exclusive compulsory license option, then the publishers have way more bargaining power. Another article on the subject expressed confusion how publisher negotiations with digital music services that bypass the PRO’s can even be legal in the first place, since they undermine the whole PRO concept.

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Read another short article commenting on the legality


1.  Check out a drive-in screening of the movie-musical classic Chicago Electric Dusk Drive-In @ 4pm. You can enjoy Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones from the comfort of your car! I’ll admit I’ve never seen Chicago, so I’m seriously considering going to this. Tickets are going fast! Although, I think if they sell out you can still get astroturf seating (double check that one)

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2. Go see Chicago’s longest-running improv show here in LA, The Armando Show @ IO West @ 9pm. The show starts with a monologue (different person each time) in which someone tells a personal, true story. Then the cast acts out scenes and situations from the story for the rest of the performance.

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3. Take a guided walk to the Hollywood Sign @ The Griffith Observatory starting @ 10am. If you’ve never done the hike this will be a great opportunity, as well as an opportunity to discover some of the most popular viewing areas. I’ve done the hike myself (unguided) , and its definitely an experience that you can’t pass up living in LA. It definitely has a different spirit than the other hikes around here.



Newsletter – November 3rd

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How we all feel after that move

Wooohooo! The move is over!! Now that we’re not all breaking our backs, time to resume this newsletter business.

Check out “the haps” below, courtesy of “that intern doe”.

Music News

This week’s music news bulletin is dominated by streaming.

1.  Amazon’s Prime Music is putting on its lederhosen.

Amazon is readying itself to launch its music streaming service in Germany, according to a report from a local German technology website. Amazon offers it’s Prime Music streaming service as part of its package when users purchase Amazon Prime ($99). With its small catalog of only one million songs (offered both in US and soon Germany), Amazon is positioning itself between free music services like Pandora and premium services such as Apple Music or Spotify. The move to go international is a a first for Amazon’s music streaming service.

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2. Ed Sheeran is the most streamed artist on Spotify… and never streams anything.

Ed Sheeran

He managed to get his foot out of his mouth in time for this photo to be taken.

In a recent Billboard interview, Ed Sheeran revealed that he doesn’t “stream anything ever”. This comes as a shock from someone who is a big music streaming advocated AND the most-streamed artist on Spotify (surpassing 2 billion streams). He went on to explain: “I don’t even really get [music streaming services], I buy everything off iTunes or physically.” Interestingly, Sheeran is good friends with a well-known detractor of streaming, Taylor Swift, who views services like Spotify as devaluing artists’ music. It seems that they don’t see eye to eye on the issue.

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3. Pandora is expanding into live music.

Earlier last month, Pandora announced that it would be purchasing Ticketfly, a direct, independent competitor of Live Nation-owned Ticketmaster. The move comes after Live Nation’s recent purchase of Front Gate Tickets, another ticketing service, has led some artists and bands to leave the ever-growing Live Nation ecosystem. Ticketfly was an early proponent of social media and web marketing for stimulating ticket sales and is a popular choice for promoters who do not want to do business with Ticketmaster. Pandora’s excellence in mining user data for advertisers (which comprise 80% of its revenue) combined with Ticketfly’s competence in marketing live shows will likely make for a powerful duo.

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Events this Weekend

Go see cool indie films FO FREE at the AFI Film Festival @ the Grauman’s Chinese Theater starting Thursday, November 5th until November 12th. (Visit the website to get tix and check out specific showtimes). I went last year and the films were amazing!

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Check out Opening Night: The Improvised Musical, where the performers make up everything on the spot (characters, story, and songs) @ IO West, starting Friday, November 6th @ 9pm (it’s also the next three Fridays).

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Check out the Rain Room, a new exhibit @ LACMA in which rain falls all around you while you stay dry. I hear its quite a sight to behold, especially if you love interactive art (which I happen to love). It’s open everyday over the weekend and during the week (except Wednesday)

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Go check out the massive Rose Bowl Flea Market. Apparently it’s an eclectic mix of all kinds of vendors and worth checking out, especially if you live in the area. It’s @ the Rose Bowl this Sunday, November 8th (always every second Sunday of the month).

Details + Entry Fee

If you’re feeling really adventurous and experimental, check out Hopscotch, the first ever “car opera”. It’s an interactive, experimental performance opera that takes place in three moving vehicles. As the audience you’re either able to purchase a ticket to ride along side the “performance” vehicle up close (check out location info on the website) or watch for free via live stream @ Southern California Institute of Architecture. It sounds equal parts crazy and awesome.

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